Before You Get Started

Compared to the mobile edition, the web version of CodeLab allows much more complex syntax and programming. Not only can the blocks be used to build advanced projects, but the actual JavaScript code can also be viewed in real time to provide a comprehensive learning experience.  

Value-added Features

The following additional items are available for purchase:

  • Web Simulator to test programs on screen before sending to the robot (Buy Now)
  • NUWA Star Trek digital mission learning cards for ages 4 to 8 (Buy Now)
  • Connection to multiple robots (NUWA professional account option; if you need to upgrade, please email us at for assistance.)

CodeLab Account Differences

FeatureGeneral Professional 
VersionCodeLabCodeLab Pro
Connection 1-1 via security codeRemote server 
Cloud Storage
Robot ConnectionsSingleMultiple
Team Sharing & Project Collaboration
* Team Cloud Storage
* Classroom Use

* Contact us at for details on items with an asterisk.

CodeLab versus Google Blockly

Blockly is a block-based graphical program editor created by Google. No plugins are required–just open a browser and start coding.

CodeLab is an extension based on Google Blockly. In addition to retaining the basic functions of the original Blockly, NUWA adds custom blocks based on the hardware advantages of Kebbi robots, such as: “Motion”, “Sound”, “Performance”, “NUWA Material “Library”, and many more to greatly enhance the interactivity and fun of the programs created!

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