Kebbi Air & Kebbi Air S

Getting Started with Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S

Thank you for choosing the Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S. A quick tutorial is available here.

Troubleshooting and Repair Request

Please choose the service or description you need according to the situation you encounter.

Robot Apps and Contents

Descriptions of robot Apps and functions

Mobile Apps

The introduction of mobile Apps such as "CodeLab Air" and "Nuwa Space".

Connect to other devices

The information here explains how you can connect the robot to your other devices.

Memory card and internal storage

Find out how much storage is remaining and how to expand the internal storage with a MicroSD card.

Activation and Shutdown

How to turn the robot on and off.

System Updates

How to set up automatic updates and manually update the system.


Check out which accessories are available for Kebbi!

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