Kebbi Air & Kebbi Air S

Getting Started with Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S

Thank you for choosing the Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S!Kebbi is a versatile robot packed with features that can be used for education, companionship and service--or

Troubleshooting and Repair Request

Please choose the service or description you need according to the situation you encounter.If nothing fits, please contact us. Problems and Troubleshooting Warranty and Repair

Robot Apps and Contents

Please select the item or feature you would like to know: Voice Commands Facial Recognition and Object Identification Video Call NUWA Theater NUWA Store Interactive

Mobile Apps

Please choose the App you want to know more about. CodeLab Air Nuwa Space ← Koding Land CodeLab Air

Connect to other devices

The information here explains how you can connect the robot to your other devices. This includes: mobile phone connection, webpage connection, Bluetooth connection, audio output,

Memory card and internal storage

Check memory space You can check how much memory is available in the Nuwa robot and the MicroSD card by going to Settings > Storage

Activation and Shutdown

Activate the robot Press and hold the power button on the top of the robot’s head until you see the NUWA ROBOTICS logo appear on

System Updates

In order to provide a better user experience, we will continue to update the robot’s system software. You can update the system software yourself in


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