Creating a Project

From a Sample File

1. From the Projects tab (default) select any of the sample files at the top of the screen to open.

2. The selected project will appear in your list of My Projects once it has been opened.

From Blank

1 Select “Projects” tab in upper left corner of the screen, and click “Add” button next to it.”

2 Click “Create project” from the menu.

3 Select a CodeLab file format:

  • Programming project.mbkx: suitable for complex program logic; most complete blocks available; robot stays in CodeLab after running.
  • Script project .koding file: Runs once and returns to Home mode afterwards. To import CodeLab projects into Roflow, you must use this format. Also required for Magic Words intiated projects.

👉 Limitations of .koding file format:
The table below details the blocks unavailable for use with the .koding format. Tap to expland/contract sections.

❌When the robot _ _

❌Go to start

❌E nd program

❌ When the robot recognizes __

❌Connect to IoT server

❌ Send message _ to Topic _

❌ When a message is received from _

❌ Received messages

4. Set Magic Words in the box and press the plus button to add. After setting Magic Words you can run your program just by speaking the words “Please execute + (Magic Words)”

5. Click the Save button and the new project will appear in the Project List.

Creating a Folder

1. Click “Add” button at the upper left corner of the screen

2. Select “Folder” in the pop-up 

3. Name your folder

4. Press “Confirm” and your folder will appear in the project list. Double click to open and add new projects to folder.

Uploading a Project

If you already have a file with the extension mbkx or koding, you can create a project by uploading the existing file.

* Click to see how to download a project

1. Click “Add” in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Click “Upload Project” in the pop-up window.

3. Select file and confirm upload.

4. After the uploading, you will see the newly added project.

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