RobotCreator DX Build Guide

Summary: The assembly of Robot Creator will be explained in detail here.

The following build guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions in video, illustration, and text formats. We highly recommend viewing the guide on a screen larger than a mobile for the best experience (most find a notebook computer convenient if available).

The navigation bar on the left gives the main section; the nav bar on the right provides the subsections. The right nav is useful for navigating longer pages with more complex assemblies. Note that the sections appearing below are the same as the left nav. 

Please pay particular attention to the alerts (⚠️) before proceeding. Reading these and the Tips section below may save some aggravation and rework.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make this Guide clear, detailed, and easy to use. Enjoy your build and feel free to post any feedback on our Facebook page or group. If you have serious problems or need parts, you can also reach us there by DM.

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