Explore RobotCreator DX

Summary: Explore what's inside Robot Creator.

Congratulations on completing your build!

This section will guide you through exploring all that RobotCreator DX has to offer.

Note that because the DX is based on the Kebbi Air model (essentially the same robot but sold fully assembled), the links below will open new tabs on the Kebbi site.

1. Power up RobotCreator DX

First, prepare the operating environment and power on RobotCreator DX.

If you prefer to get an introduction to DX online before powering up, you can read more at the links below.

Robot Apps and Content
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Connecting to other devices
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Powering On/Shutting Down
Troubleshooting/Repair Request
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System Updates
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2. Get Started with NUWA Web Tools

NUWA’s web tools (BizTools) allow you to customize and personalize the robot from the inside, just the way you may have done for the outside. The difference is that you can not only change how the face looks, but what DX does and how it acts. Again, you can make DX anything you want. Make it respond to many different situations in many different ways, and create all kinds of fun activities. Imagine it and make it be!
You can learn more about the web tools 👉 here

Before you can really customize the robot or use the web tools, you’ll need to register. Your account is how you access the robot and send it files. You’ll also need to activate any webtools included in your package. You can do this here 👉 How to Activate Nuwa Biztools

3. Share on MakerBase

MakerBase is the authoring platform of RobotCreator and Kebbi Air, and is structured inline with the STEAM education philosphy. 

Here you can upload your projects to share and get feedback, find ideas, and learn from other robot fans. Inspiration awaits!

Note that the English-language MakerBase is new so there are not too many projects there yet. Aside from contibuting new projects, you can also try switching to traditional Chinese (the version of Chinese Taiwan uses) and using Google Translate to see if there’s anything that might catch your fancy.

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