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Summary: Robot Creator allows you to create an AI robot of your own!

Welcome to your RobotCreator DX start page! Here you can get a sense of the NUWA platform and what resources are available to you as you set out on your RobotCreator DX adventure creating your own AI robot.

The DX is a passion project for robot lovers. Whether you are a beginner who doesn’t know any code, a DIYer in search of a challenge, or a seasoned Maker or Modeler, you will find a whole world of options and tools that you can use to build your own AI robot into whatever you can imagine.

The NUWA platform is based on the three pillars of the RobotCreator DX robot, the suite of web tools, and the MakerBase sharing platform. Explore these areas through the three steps below as an overview to see what’s available, and then follow the left navigation bar for a trouble-free RobotCreator DX build experience. Let’s go!

👉 For the best experience, we highly recommend using a larger screen to view the Guide. To return to this page, bookmark it now, or search “NUWA robot creator support.” After you’ve built your DX, your home base may shift to your login dashboard.

1. Building RobotCreator DX

2. Expressing your creativity with web tools

Register and activate your web tools to get started expressing your creativity.

👉 Activate Web Tools


Visual behavior editing tool to tell the robot when and what to do

Craft dialogues for specific conditions and situations

Block programming tool for STEAM learning or doing sophisticated projects


Change or draw unique faces to suit your character’s personality

Bring your stories to life with a DX performance

Design fun and exciting quizzes to test knowledge or trivia

3. Exploring Nuwa MakerBase

Come to NUWA MakerBase to inspire and be inspired, to teach and to learn. Based on the STEAM education philosophy incorporating ideals such as learning by doing, creative problem solving, using data to gain new insights, and cross-discipline linking and thinking, MakerBase is where everyone works together to build new and exciting projects. You never know what you might find here to spark your next idea!

 We at NUWA want to come along for the ride as well. We are counting on your feedback to help us continually bring you the best robotics platform, and we’ll be here to help if you experience any problems. You can get in touch with us through our Facebook page or group.

Before you get started

Thank you for choosing RobotCreator DX! This chapter covers some precautions that could save you a lot of aggravation and expense, as well as provides

RobotCreator DX Build Guide

The following build guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions in video, illustration, and text formats. We highly recommend viewing the guide on a screen larger than

Explore Robot Creator

Congratulations on completing your build!This section will guide you through exploring all that RobotCreator DX has to offer.Note that because the DX is based on

Activate Nuwa Biztools

A NUWA web tools (BizTools) product key will be sent to the buyer’s designated email address when the product is shipped. Please check your spam

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