15. Final Check

Final pre-power up check

Before powering on, run through the following checklist for exterior appearance and joint function to ensure proper operation of robot. If you have to disassemble parts of the shell, first consult Dissasembly section–it may save you a broken cover!


Final Check List



Gently rotate each joint feeling for sticking or rubbing. Joint should move smoothly and freely throughout its range.
Locate the source of any resistance. An LED light can be helpful. Remove cover and fix issue. (Make sure to consult Dissasembly section before removing any covers!)
Inspect for gaps between shell parts

If gaps are found, trace reason. Is a cable blocking covers from snapping together properly? Is cover lined up with guides and snapped into channels fully? Is a subassembly assembled incorrectly? After locating issue, disassemble and rectify as needed.

Confirm arm shell covers are installed on correct side.

If reversed, consult Disassembly section and remover covers as shown. If some snap tabs are broken during removal, part may still be useable. If not, please contact customer service.

Finished Exterior Appearance

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