15. Appearance and action performance check

Appearance and action performance check|Instructions
  • Before switching the Robot on, make sure that you go through the appearance and action performance checklist so that the Robot can work properly.
Assembly Check List



Twist each joint to see if the joints will get stuck or rub against each other
Check the parts that are not working properly and reassemble the covers.
Check if there's space between the parts

Is the connection cable blocked by the cover when assembled?
Is the misalignment caused by the deviation of the installation position?
Please disassemble the cover parts, arrange the connection cable or adjust the installation position, and then reassemble.

Check if the arm shells are installed at the right position

Please disassemble the cover and exchange the left part and the right part. It is difficult to disassemble the cover. Please use the dismantling tool for assistance. A large force is needed to disassemble the cover, if the buckle is damaged, it can still be used for assembly.

Final look