Getting Ready

Ready, set, hold on...

Before you start building, make a few preparations.

If the instructional video does not appear, please refresh/reload the page, or click the link below:

1.  We highly recommend using a larger screen such as a notebook or desk top to view this guide. The guide is very detailed and each page contains a wide range of information and media that will be much harder to appreciate on a small screen like a mobile phone.

2.  The bigger the space you can find to build the DX the better! Those boxes hold a lot of parts! If you have limited space, just take out the parts for the section you are working on.

Good lighting is also a must. A small adjustable LED portable USB light or an LED headlamp really makes working with small parts much easier!

3.  Check the components in the box against the parts list. In the unlikely event you find something missing, please contact us via our  Facebook ™ Group or Page.

4. If you prefer, you may find it more convenient to lay out the cables on your work surface for easy identification.

5.  Similarly, some people like to take the screws out of the plastic bags and place them in the corresponding storage compartments; others like to keep them in the bags in the compartments.

A screw reference table is provided to the left in case you need to identify a screw.

Please keep screws and small parts out of the reach of little hands!

(Note: on at least one trial production run, the screws were placed in the correct compartments but the bags were misnumbered, being off by one. Please check this before beginning and make sure you have correctly identified and located the screws.)

6.  Many find it helpful to lay the tools out on the table for easy access. You will be using the tweezers and drivers frequently (hopefully not the pry bar!).

⚠⚠⚠ Notice! Notice! Notice! ⚠⚠⚠

Please be very careful to put the screw box in a safe spot where it won’t be knocked over, especially if you decide to take the screws out of the bags. Having to find and re-sort all the tiny screws would be tragic indeed!

OK, now… one last page of critical tips!

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