Summary: Check out which accessories are available for Kebbi!

Robot ears (various shapes and colors)

Apply these cute robot ears to decorate your robot!
👉 To purchase the ears, please contact us.

Type-C USB fast charging pack

Use the manufacturer’s Nuwa fast charging pack to charge your robot and transfer data to avoid battery or data damage.
👉 To purchase the charging pack, please contact us.

NUWA Ocular

NUWA Ocular is a device that works with the robot to gauge the temperature.
👉 For more information about NUWA Ocular, please contact us.

NUWA Programming Enlightenment Missions – Kebbi’s Interstellar Mission

A series of challenging tasks from the Code Lab Web.
These contains 36 missions designed with the STEAM education in mind, which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and other related fields. These tasks wrap the dry business of coding into a 36-level space adventure story, in accordance with CSTA standards and Taiwan’s new curriculum guidelines, and aims to teach kids how to code through playing!

👉 If you are interested in these missions, you can purchase them here Physical Missions or Digital Missions.

Koding Class floor mats

Exclusive board game-style teaching material designed to convert complex programming concepts into interactive games. Now, let’s get the floor mats ready for the robot, and start an adventure!

👉 To purchase the floor mats, please contact us.

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