NUWA Store

A lot of special robot stories awaits you in the NUWA Store!
Using these story collections, you will be able to watch the robot perform vivid English stories and create an immersive English environment!
Come take a look at the fantastic NUWA store!

Access the NUWA Store

You can access the NUWA Store app from the Menu.

Or, wake up the robot and say the following commands to enter the NUWA store:

“Open Store.”
“I want to watch more.”
“I want to shop at the store.”

⚠ The robot needs plenty of space for its moves, so don’t forget to prepare the stage for the robot in advance so you can fully enjoy the show!

Find new stories and apps

In the NUWA store, you will find articles recommended by the editor-in-chief, as well as the latest apps and stories. You can download these at any time to expand the robot’s skill set.

Below is an introduction to the NUWA store screen:

❶ My Content: here you can view all the items you have acquired.
❷ Topics: get the latest news and updates on the robot’s apps and stories.
❸ Get/Download: tap this button to download free items.
❹ Exchange/Buy: tap this button to go to the checkout screen.

Buy and Download

To purchase an item, tap ‘Buy / Exchange’ and follow the checkout instructions to complete your order. If the item is free of charge, please tap ‘Get/Download’ and the system will start downloading and installing the item you’ve selected.

View and download all your items

Tap the user image in the upper right corner of the screen to access My Content.

❶ The ‘All’ tab
View all the items you have acquired so far.
If a ‘Download’ button is shown beside the item, this means you have purchased the item and can download it again without payment.
If an ‘Update’ button is shown beside the item, this means there is an updated version of the item available for you to download .

❷ The ‘Not installed’ tab
Here you will find the items that have been removed from the robot. You can download them again at any time without payment.

Open downloaded stories

Tap the ‘Open’ button on the item screen under ‘NUWA Store’.
Or go to the My Downloads app to find the stories you’ve downloaded.

📢 Open My Downloads:
Tap the My Downloads app from the Menu,
or wake up the robot and say: “Open My Downloads,” to find the stories you have downloaded.

Tap ‘Open’ to open a story
My Downloads

Open downloaded apps

You can tap the ‘Open’ button on the item screen under ‘NUWA Store’.
Or, slide left on the robot’s face to bring up the Menu and find the apps you have downloaded.

Remove downloaded stories/apps

When the robot’s storage is running low and you need to remove some less-used items, you can do so in My Downloads.
Enter the My Downloads app from the Menu or by saying “Open My Downloads,” to the robot.

Take the following steps to remove an item:
1. Press and hold the item icon until the “X” button appears in the upper left corner.
2. Tap the “X” button and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the action.

📢 Please note that after the item is removed, you can always download the stories and apps from the NUWA Store > My Content again without payment.
📢 You may also remove the apps by pressing the icon in the Menu and dragging it to the bin on the left.

❶ ‘Delete’ button: tap to remove the app or story.
❷ ‘Done’ button: tap to finish editing.

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