NUWA Theater

In the NUWA Theater, you can watch the robot put on various performances:

▶ NUWA English: stories that use elementary-level English to familiarize children with a foreign language via fun and lively performances.
▶ Compelling Storytelling: Integrate small puzzle games into the story, keeping the children’s brain cells working when they interact with the robot and giving them a sense of accomplishment.
▶ NUWA Storyteller: combines plentiful facial expressions with the robot’s lively physical performances to bring fun to ordinary stories.
▶ NUWA Dance: a collection of all kinds of festival songs and dances that will turn you into an energetic lead dancer!

Open NUWA Theater

You can access NUWA Theater from the Menu.

Or, wake up the robot and say the following command:

“I want to enter the Theater.”
“I want to listen a story.”
“I want to listen to the Story Teller.”
“I want to listen to (story name).”
“I want to watch an Interactive Storytelling.”

⚠ The robot needs plenty of space for the moves, don’t forget to prepare the stage for the robot in advance so you can fully enjoy the show.

Theater Home

In the NUWA Theater, you can:

Explore the Theater

by content, channel, and subject, helping you to quickly find a story that interests you.

Browse My Content

:You can view and manage the stories downloaded from NUWA Theater under ‘My Content’. If the robot’s memory is full, please delete some less-used stories to download new ones.
At the moment, stories purchased in the NUWA Store will not appear in the NUWA Theater – you can find them in My Downloads.

📢 Open My Downloads:
You can tap the My Downloads app from the Menu,
or wake up the robot and say: “Open My Downloads.” There you can find your downloaded stories and files.

Playback Control

To pause the story that is currently playing, simply tap the screen.
If you want to quit the Theater, press the Home button on top of the robot’s head to return to the Pet Screen.

❶ To stop playing: gently tap the screen to bring up the control panel and tap ‘Close’ in the upper left corner to exit.
❷ Play the previous or next story.
❸ Name of the current story.
❹ Play story: tap ‘Play’.
❺ Change playback progress: drag the progress indicator forward or backward.

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