Facial Recognition and Object Identification

Facial Recognition and Adding Members

Add members

Once the robot knows who you are, it will remember your face and greet you when it sees you. So how can the robot recognize you?
👉 Just say to the robot: “I want to add a new family member.”
Make yourself a family member and give it a try!

In addition to saying: “I want to add a new family member,” you can also say:
📢 “Guess who I am?”
📢 “Who is this?”
📢 “Who am I?”

Manage family members

You can update the nicknames of your family members, set avatars and facial information at any time in the ‘Family Management’ section of the Nuwa Space app.

Delete family members

The system administrator can go to the ‘Family Management’ section of the Nuwa Space app to delete inactive family members (only the administrator has the right to delete members).
Or, go to the ‘Video Remote Control’ app on the family member’s profile and tap the edit button in the upper right corner to edit or delete their profile.

Object identification

Object identification
Object Identification

The robot can identify more than 300 objects at the moment, and the Nuwa team will continue to optimize its recognition capabilities. You can test how many items it can remember.
Please place the object to be identified 15-20 cm in front of the robot’s forehead and ask:
📢 “Look at this.
📢 “What is this?”
📢 “Have a look.”

Feed Kebbi

Your best robotic friend can get hungry as well! But the way he eats is different from humans. The robot needs to recognize the food you feed it with, then it can sense the smell and taste…

If you want to feed the robot, please say:
📢 “This is for you!”
📢 “It is time to eat!

⚠ Object identification and feeding precautions

As the robot’s eyes (camera) operate in a different way from humans, the detection rate may be affected by the following factors:

1. Distance:
Please place the object at an appropriate distance – the robot may not be able to see the object to be identified if it is too close or too far away!

2. Viewing angle:
Robots are not very good at recognizing objects from different angles. Please present the most perfect side of the object to the robot so it can get a clear view of it!

3. Plain background:
The robot’s view of the world is relatively simple, and sometimes it cannot distinguish the foreground from the background. So, if the background behind the object is cluttered, the robot may get confused and fail to recognize the object!

4. Ambient light:
A dark or backlit environment may make it difficult for the robot to see clearly. Try to illuminate the object under normal light when performing object recognition.

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