NUWA Space

You can use the NUWA Space app to remotely control the robot at home, view daily life video clips shot by the robot, create the robot’s replies, view the record of conversations between you and the robot, and more! There are a ton of practical functions for you to try out!

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Downloading NUWA Space

To get started, download the NUWA Space app.
This app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, and it can be downloaded from:

1. Google Play
2. App Store

Opening NUWA Space

When opening NUWA Space for the first time, you will be shown the following screen.
Please slide the screen to the right and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

You will need to finish the following steps to complete the login and account binding:

1. Connect the NUWA Space app to the robot and select the robot model.
2. Sign in to your account.
3. Bind your account with one of the family members of the robot, or add as a new family member.

Connecting the NUWA Space app to the robot

You can choose one of the following ways to connect the NUWA Space app to the robot.

👉 Method 1: Use QR Code to connect the NUWA Space app to the robot.

1. Go straight to the code scanner screen, or tap ‘Connect Kebbi with QR Code’ to enable the camera for scanning.
2. On the robot’s face screen, slide down the drop-down menu and tap ‘Connect’. A QR Code for mobile phone connection will be generated and displayed on the screen.
3. Scan the onscreen QR Code with your mobile phone to complete the connection.

QR Code Scanner
Connect with the robot
👉 Method 2: Search for robots under the same network domain

Tap ‘Search for robots under the same domain’ at the bottom of the code-scanning screen to switch to the search page.

Under normal conditions, when the mobile device and the robot are under the same Wi-Fi network, the mobile phone should be able to find the robot automatically.
If the mobile phone or tablet fails to locate the robot, please check the following:

1. Is the robot powered on?
2. Are the mobile phone and the robot connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

If everything is okay, tap the ‘Search Again’ button in the upper right corner to search for the robot.

Logging In to NUWA Space

You can choose to log in to NUWA Space with your NUWA account, Google account or Xiaomi account.
Once logged in, please select a family member of the robot, or add as a new family member.

⚠ If you are the administrator of the robot, please log in with the same account you use for the robot.

Enter NUWA Space

Once completing the login and account-binding steps, you will be taken to the Home screen of NUWA Space. The battery level of the connected mobile device and notifications will appear at the top of the screen.

On this screen, you may also select the robot function you want to use from the list at the bottom. Take your time and explore!


When CodeLab is selected, it will automatically open the CodeLab app series.
👉 To learn more about CodeLab Air, please read this article.

Video Call / Video Remote Control

This function allows you to make video calls to the robot.
👉 For more information on Video Call/Video Remote Control, please read this article.


Support will take you to this Help page, where you can learn more about how to operate Kebbi!

Photo album

View photos taken by the robot here!


In ‘Record’, you can browse the conversations between you and the robot, and the things you have done with it.
Check the commands the robot has received as well as the content it has responded to in the NUWA Space Record!

Managing Family Members

Here you can add, edit, and delete information about the robot’s family members. You can also ask the robot to scan a family member’s face so that it can recognize him/her.


On the Settings screen, you can view the robot administrator’s information and latest news, and provide feedback. You can also log out of the NUWA Space app from here.

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