Getting Started with Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S

Summary: Thank you for choosing the Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S. A quick tutorial is available here.

Thank you for choosing the Kebbi Air/Kebbi Air S!

Kebbi is a versatile robot packed with features that can be used for education, companionship and service–or whatever you come up with!

The R&D team has integrated artificial intelligence with hardware and software technologies to give the robot full facial expression, captivating body movement, and sophisticated telecommunication capabilities. The team wraps this with an array of body sensor technology and language processing to create a robot that excels at interacting, with students or any user.

Robots enable digital content to jump off of the screen and enter the real world. We believe that the interactive form of communication embodied by robots can provide users with an affectionate companion and a heart-warming experience. The core goal of our team is to explore human needs and blend the various theories and trends behind our interactive experiences into the design of hardware, software and applications. Kebbi Air is designed not just to be a multifunctional robot, but a robot capable of touching people’s hearts.

The Kebbi Air is endowed with infinite potential. It can be a tutor that guides parents and kids to learn through fun interactive games; a shop assistant that greets and helps customers; or a helper that provides care to the elderly, to name just a few possibilities. Together with the NUWA web tools, you can build your robot into whatever you can imagine, and keep changing it as often as you like.

Now let’s make Kebbi Air your companion and explore the future together!

👉 Follow the steps below or click on the document links at the bottom of this page to begin your robot experience!

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