Exercise Challenge

About the App

Exercise Challenge combines human pose estimation technology with an interactive gameplay to get players into the habit of exercising and keeping your body healthy! The game also includes injury rehabilitation and other special movements to prevent muscle degeneration, level challenges with varying difficulty levels that are suitable for all genders and age groups, as well as a leaderboard to enhance the fun of competition. Come stretch with Kebbi and increase your flexibility!

⚠ Currently, Exercise Challenge can only be played on the Kebbi Air S/Robot Creator.

How to open the app

  • Tap on the Exercise Challenge icon from the main menu.
  •  Use voice commands: “Exercise Challenge,” “I want to play Exercise Challenge,” “Go to Exercise Challenge,” or: “Open Exercise Challenge.”



Click "?" in the upper right to watch game tutorial.

The more difficult the level, the faster the action switching.

Make sure your whole body is in robot's sight with the right posture. The system will automatically count down to start the game.

The game will change postures randomly at regular intervals. Players should make the same posture according to the picture and hanging there. The longer you keep the posture, the higher the score will be.

If you make into top 10, you can decide whether to post your score.

The player can enter their nickname and choose head portrait (you can take a picture or choose the default head portrait), to leave your record on Ranking.


  • Make sure your whole body is within the range of the camera’s vision.
  • Make sure the room is well-lit.
  • If the color of your clothing is similar to the colors in the background, the robot may get confused and fail to recognize you.
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