Dance Editor

Like the robot’s dance moves? Choreographing it’s movements is actually really easy!

All you need is the Dance Editor to design a series of movements. Then, simply tap ‘Play’ to watch the dance routine you’ve just created right away! 

If the video does not appear, please refresh/reload the page, or click the link below:

Opening the Dance Editor

You can open the Dance Editor app from the Function menu.

Or, wake up the robot and say the following commands:

“Open Dance Editor.”
“I would like to play Dance Editor.”
“I want to play Dance Editor”
“Dance Editor.”

⚠ Leave the robot plenty of space to stretch out and perform dance routines when you are editing the moves. Don’t forget to prepare the stage for the robot so you can enjoy the show!


If you need to read the instructions, tap the ‘i’ button in the upper right corner of the screen.
If you need to go back to the starting point, tap the flag icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 1: Add Movement

To compose a dance in the Dance Editor, you must first create some movements (the dance cell)! Tap the “+” icon in the lower right corner to add a new movement.

Step 2: Recording

The dance cell records the position of each movement every 0.4 seconds, and a single dance cell can record up to 20 seconds of movements. While recording, you can create the movement by swinging the robot’s hands and head around according to you imagination.

Step 3: Stop recording

Once you have finished creating the movement, tap the ‘Stop’ button to end the recording.

Step 4: Finish creating

After you have finished the recording and entered the name of the movement, the movement is now complete! If you want to add another one, simply repeat the above steps!

Step 5: Arrange movements

Once finished, open the ‘Movement List’ and drag different movements to the bottom of the screen to combine them into a dance routine!

Step 6: Save dance

Save each sequence of movements as a dance routine and use it for your next creation!

Movement List

Open the Movement List to see the moves you’ve created.
Drag the movements you want to use into the Dance List below and start choreographing. When it’s done, please tap ‘Confirm’.

You can also delete movements on this screen. Simply drag and drop the dance cell to the bin in the lower left corner and the movement will be deleted.
⚠ Once a move is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

Dance List

You can browse all the saved dances in the list and add the dance to your dance list.

Export Dance

Tap the “↑” icon on the far right side of the dance to export the dance to the File Management app in the robot.
👉You will need to activate the NUWA BizTools to export the dance.

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