Interactive Games

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition technology not only enables the robot to remember who you are, it can also be used as a way to control the game. Get moving with your robot and enjoy exciting challenges with the motion-sensor control. ‘Catch & Patch’, ‘Go Home Eggy’ and ‘Go Gathering’ are all motion sensor games that utilize facial recognition!

Body Perception

The robot has touch zones on its head, both palms and belly. When you touch these zones, the robot will have different responses. Integrating these touch zones into games brings you a brand new gaming experience. ‘Who’s Smarter?’, Fun with BBQ’, ‘Neko’s Fortunes’, ‘Sew it up!’, ‘Run Run Kids!’, ‘Quiz Dash’ and certain interactive stories are designed with this touch feature in mind – try them out for yourself!

Speech Recognition

Through questions and answers, this smart robot can play with children and stimulate their interest in learning through fun and easy-to-pick-up gameplay. ‘Who’s Smarter?’, ‘Quiz Dash’ and certain interactive stories integrate the robot’s voice recognition feature into their gameplay. Let’s practice our pronunciation by talking to the robot!

AI Image Recognition

With long-term AI learning, the robot will be able to recognize colors, specific images, and more! The ‘Magic Flags Fly Away’ game is played by distinguishing different colors, and teaches children basic logical concepts while entertaining them at the same time. Go to the NUWA Store and try it now! In addition to this, you can also try our other image recognition games such as ‘Koding Land’!

Magic Flags Fly Away

This is a magical forest. The little animals would like to hold a picnic in the forest, waving the red and white flags in time to the rhythm and collecting ingredients for the picnic together. Let’s help these little animals have a happy time!

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To get ‘Magic Flags Fly Away,

please visit the NUWA Store and download the game from there.

Preparation: Make your own magic flags

How to prepare the magic flags: Download this material file and print it out, then follow the instructions on the material to make your own magic flags for the game! Making the magic flags with your kids and getting creative is all part of the fun!

👉Download the Magic flag material file

Control Tips

Before starting the game, please hold the red flag with your left hand and the white flag with your right hand, so that Kebbi can recognize them properly.

1. Raise your hands to your chest, let the flags appear in the camera screen on the lower left.
2. Put your hands down to move the flags out of the camera screen on the lower left.

Magic Flags Fly Away - Motion detection
Level description

Level 1: Help the squirrels catch all the pine cones. Watch out for the branches!
Level 2: Help the rabbits collect wild berries.
Level 3: Once you’ve collected enough ingredients for the picnic, you can start setting out the plates and decorating the venue!

Magic Flags Fly Away - Level 1

Magic Draw Box

Want to ask questions, decide who gets the red envelope first, or choose what to eat for dinner? Just leave it to the NUWA Robot!
This magic draw box allows you to draw a random fortune stick. Extremely helpful to those who have difficulty making decisions!

Create a fortune stick holder

❶ Exit: Tap to close the draw app.
❷ Setting: Set the content that you want to go in the holder.
❸ Quickly create a new fortune stick holder.

Set up the fortune stick holder

When creating a fortune stick holder, you can name the holder, set the number of sticks, and edit the content of each fortune stick.

❶ Previous page
❷ Name of holder: tap ‘Edit’ on the right to enter the name of the holder.
❸ Name of stick: tap to enter the name of the numbered stick.
❹ Number of sticks: the number of sticks to go in the holder.
❺ Delete Holder: tap to delete this fortune stick holder.

Start drawing sticks

❶ Exit: will close the draw app.
❷History of drawn fortune sticks will appear here, with the latest record on the far left.
❸ Tap to draw: a fortune stick will be drawn for you .
❹ Reset Holder: if you want to start a new draw, tap ‘Reset Holder’ to delete all records and reset the fortune sticks.
❺ Settings: Design the content of the fortune stick holder.

You can also say to the robot: “I want to draw sticks!” The robot will then use the currently selected holder to quickly draw a stick for you.


On the settings screen of the Magic Draw Box, you can choose whether to allow repeated drawing, drawing by seat number. You can edit the stick holder and other aspects of the draw.

❶ Back to previous page
❷ Repeat drawing: When this option is on, the same stick may be drawn more than once.
❸ Drawing by seat number: No need to edit the content of each stick – sticks will automatically be selected by numbers and the content will not be displayed.
❹ Add a New Holder
❺ Select Holder
❻ Edit Holder Content

Run Run Kids!

Train your children’s hand-eye coordination with this game!

In ‘Run Run Kids!’✨ , players utilize the movements of Kebbi’s arm to control the character in the game, helping them grab the gold coins, and dodge obstacles! Supports up to 2 players at the same time.

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Fun with BBQ

An intense and exciting mini-game that strengthens family bonds!

Fun with BBQ is an interactive number guessing game similar to Ultimate Code!
Blending the excitement of fire and explosions with plenty of humor, this game uses the power of laughter to bring families together! 👍
Supports up to 4 players at the same time.

▌How do I set the explosion timer?
✨The timer is generated by random variables and the sensor.
The game will generate random variables based on the number of players to keep the game going smoothly and last longer.
Recent updates have improved visual feedback, such as the texture and thoroughness of the cooked meat, so that the players can clearly feel the subtle changes of the BBQ when they turn up the heat. In addition, a ‘Pass’ option is also incorporated to add to the fun of the game! 🤩

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Catch & Patch

Play games and improve your English at the same time by memorizing daily-life vocabulary faster!

In ‘Catch & Patch’, players use the robot’s face to control the snake and catch the alphabetical letters, which is useful for training children’s reaction and coordination skills!
Learn to play and play to learn, implementing STEAM concepts and killing two birds with one stone! 👍

▌In Catch & Patch, what operating principle is gameplay based on?
✨Face Detection + Object Tracking!
The camera on Kebbi’s forehead will detect the positions of your facial features and convert them into a box with four quadrants for object tracking. The snake’s direction is controlled by the box to catch falling letters!

▌Why don’t you simply use face detection technology?
✨ Face Detection can only detect the front part of the face, hence, the game may be interrupted whenever the side face is detected. So, we’ve added object tracking technology to solve this problem and guarantee the continuity of the game. 👍

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Go Home Eggy

Have you ever played a game with your face?
Move your face and help Eggy find his way home!

▌How does it work?
✨The camera will split the screen into upper, middle and lower sections. It then detects the positions of your facial features and determines the relative position of your face on the screen. The character will jump or squat in accordance with the movements of your face.
When the camera detects the face moving from the middle section to the upper section, the character will jump. If you need the character to squat, move your face down and this can make the character perform squat repetitions. Position your face in the middle section to make the character run forward automatically.

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Who's Smarter?

The No. 1 quiz game voted for by fans!

“What is the minimum number of players required on a baseball team?” “9!”
“What is the most abundant component of air?” “Nitrogen!”
“Cat, dragon, dog, rat – which one is not in the Chinese zodiac?” “Cat!”
Wow! You are so smart! 👍

▌Play and learn at the same time, killing two birds with one stone!
✨ The topics in the question bank cover almost everything, from daily life and academic subjects to movie soundtracks and general trivia! The game will randomly select questions from the database based on the player’s chosen difficulty level. When the robot raises its hand, the two players must race to touch the hand sensor to answer the question. The robot will simulate the effects of a quiz show with movements, sounds, lights, images, and expressions.

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Hey, kid! Can you guess what the robot is trying to say?

“Meow…Meow…Meow…”? What’s this? Kitty!
“Bark! Bark! Bark!” What about this? Doggy!
Fantastic! You got them right! 😎

▌How does the robot perform ‘Charades’?
✨We use 3D animation technology to imitate the robot’s body structure for motion design and save that into a file. Then we import the action file to the robot’s system and add sound effects to make the robot’s movements more realistic. When playing the game, the robot will randomly select a set of movements from the action file.

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Get your children into coding via a gamified learning approach! Get the kids to assist Kebbi and guide them to complete different missions that teach them to understand basic body language vocabulary and cultivate their empathy, emotional intelligence, and life skills.

Along the way, children will learn the concepts of space orientation and logic, master the basics of common coding instructions such as sequences, and practice experimentation and iteration skills.

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