Quiz Dash

Quiz Dash is a quiz game that tests your brain’s reaction time. The game can be played in single player or two-team battle mode, and is packed with diverse questions that enable learning through play. This game is suitable for players over 6 years old to play on their own. Players under 6 years old can also team up with their parents for a brain battle!

How and where to access Quiz Dash

If you are using the Kebbi Air S / Robot Creator, you can access Quiz Dash directly from the Function menu.

If your robot model is the Kebbi Air, please download Quiz Dash from the Nuwa Store.

👉 You can open Quiz Dash by waking up the robot and saying:
I want to play Quiz Dash,” or: “Quiz Dash.”

Make room for the robot

Prepare a flat surface and plenty of space for the robot so that it can stretch out to perform various moves or fighting actions.

Select Battle Mode and Question Set

Each question pool is subdivided into multiple question sets based on question type, knowledge type and difficulty, etc.
Open the question pool, select Battle Mode, Single Player or Team Battle. Two players can also form two teams and battle against each other; then pick the question set of your interest to begin the quiz😉

Race to answer the question in Team Battle

  • Questions can be answered whenever the robot starts reading the choices. There is no need to wait until all choices are read.
  • Players can hold the robot’s hand or touch the left and right sides of the screen strong> to answer first.
  • You can say the answer out loud or tap on one of the choices shown onscreen.
  • If the first team to answers guesses correctly, the robot will move on to the next question. If the first team gets the answer wrong, the other team will have the chance to answer and score a point.

* There is no need to rush to answer in Single Player mode – you can answer directly!

I want to create my own question pool🙌

You can create your own question pool using the Quiz Editor with Nuwa Biz Tools.
👉 tap here for more information, or contact the Customer Service to get the Quiz Editor!

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