CodeLab Air

You can use the CodeLab app series to turn the robot into anything you’d like it to be.

CodeLab contains built-in body movements, facial effects and sound effect blocks, plus hundreds of cool native materials for kids to unleash their imaginations. Coding with the app can be as easy as stacking blocks – it takes only 5 minutes for kids to complete their first coding task!

Download CodeLab now to create a unique robot of your own!

If the video does not appear, please refresh/reload the page, or click the link below:

If the video does not appear, please refresh/reload the page, or click the link below:

Download CodeLab Air

Before getting started, please download the CodeLab Air app first.
This application is compatible with both smartphone and tablet, you can download the app from:

1. Google Play
2. App Store

⚠ Note: Different robot models may require different apps!
CodeLab Air is compatible with the following robot models: Kebbi Air, Kebbi Air S and Robot Creator.
If you are using Kebbi, please download the CodeLab app.

Open CodeLab Air

When opening the CodeLab Air app, you will be prompted with the following screen:

There are three blocks on the screen, you may choose the preferred gameplay mode or the project to edit.

  • Challenge Mode:
    Children will learn programming logic and interface operation when they try to clear a level. Follow the instructions of each level and assemble the blocks in accordance with the rules to clear levels and earn trophies.
  • My Projects:
    Players can choose to add a new project or edit the existing sample project to create a unique robot and control the robot’s movements, actions, lighting and sound effects, speech, and facial expressions. For instance, you can get the robot to make a funny face, ask it to send birthday wishes to a family member, and much more!
  • Personal Information:
    This app requires that each player create a personal profile. You can edit the information here.

Start coding

Regardless of which gameplay mode is being used, when entering the app, you will be prompted with the coding blocks screen. Here is a brief introduction to the coding blocks screen:

❶ Tap this area to enable the sidebar and drag coding blocks into the palette.
❷ The palette where coding blocks are placed. When an effect block is linked below a Start-type block, the effect will appear on the robot.
❸ There are some blocks that can be customized in detail. Don’t forget to select the little white block and see what you can adjust!
❹ After the blocks are assembled, tap “Play” to see how it works on the robot!
❺ Zoom in on the screen.
❻ Zoom out on the screen.
❼ Show position of the start block.
❽ To delete unwanted blocks, drag and drop them to the Bin.

Connect CodeLab Air to the robot

Use the Connect button in the app.

Please try the following steps to connect the robot to CodeLab Air.

1. Make sure the smartphone and the robot are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Open Code Lab Air and tap the ‘Connect’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. The phone will automatically search and display devices that are available for connection.
3. Select your robot to complete the connection.

Use a QR code to connect the robot to CodeLab Air.

If you have tried all the above methods and still cannot find the robot, please do the following on the ‘Connect’ screen:

1. Tap the scan button on-screen to connect to the robot using a QR code. Enable the camera for scanning.
2. Slide out the drop-down panel on the robot’s screen and tap ‘Connect’. A QR Code for mobile connection will appear onscreen.
3. Scan the QR Code on the robot’s screen with the smartphone to complete the connection.

Export Program to the robot

Once you are connected to the robot, you can import the projects you created in CodeLab onto the robot. You will then be able to see the robot carry it out!

How to import Programs:

1. Connect to the robot with the CodeLab Air app.
2. Open the CodeLab Air app on your mobile and select ‘My Projects’.
3. In the project list, select the project you’d like to export to the robot
4. Tap the ‘Export’ button on the far left to export the project to the robot.

📢 You can view the imported project on the robot under CodeLab Air > Open Project List tab.

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