Important Notes


Please read through all safety precautions and operating instructions before using to avoid bodily injury or property damage.
⛔ WARNING: To reduce the risk of bodily injury or property damage, do not dismantle the shell of the robot.

Handling the Robot

⚠ When taking the robot out of the box, please hold its body with both hands. Avoid pulling on its head as this may cause damage to the neck joints.

Safety Precautions

⭕ Correct way of handling the robot
Correct way to lift the robot

When moving the robot, please hold its body with both hands – don’t lift the robot by its head!

❌ Incorrect ways of handling
Incorrect Usage

⚠ Do not pull the robot’s head or arms.
⚠ Do not place the robot on the edge of a table or cabinet.
⚠ Do not use the robot on a long-fibered carpets.
⚠ Avoid pinching your fingers in the robot’s moving elbows.
⚠ Do not lift the robot by its head.
⚠ Do not place the robot on a sloped surface.

Warnings and Restrictions

  1. Children should use the robot only under adult supervision.
  2. Clear the area surrounding the robot during use so it can move freely.
  3. When moving the robot, lift it by the body with both hands.
  4. When movement is turned on, the best place for the robot is on the floor where it cannot fall and be damaged.
  5. When the robot is on and moving, do not attempt to manually move its joints. Doing so could cause injury and damage the robot.
  6. When the robot is on, avoid manually pushing it around on the wheels, or you are likely to get a servo motor error requiring a reboot. Repeatedly doing this may cause premature servo failure.
  7. Do not subject the robot to mechanical shock (like dropping it).
  8. Do not leave the robot or the battery where either will be exposed to a heat source, fire, or temperatures over 40°C/104°F.
  9. Do not immerse the robot, battery or charger in liquid of any kind.
  10. Use only the included charger to charge the robot battery. Other chargers may damage the robot.
  11. When using the charger, grasp the charger block with dry hands to (un)plug it. Do not pull on the cord. If the charging cable is frayed or otherwise damaged, stop using the charger immediately.
  12. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals to clean the robot or it may be seriously damaged. Please wipe the robot using a soft cloth moistened with heavily diluted isopropyl alcohol.
  13. If you need to replace the DX battery, please contact NUWA for a replacement. Do not use any other battery.
  14. For prolonged storage, please shut down the robot using the main power button and store in a cool, dry place. To prevent damaging deep discharge, charge the battery at least every three months.
  15. As common practice with any computer, tablet, or other screen usage, it is recommended that children take a 10-minute break after every 30 minutes of use and that daily use not exceed one hour per day. Excessive screen time may result in damage to the eyes. This product is not intended for use with children under 2 years of age.
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