Problems and Troubleshooting

You may encounter some issues when using the robot. We hope the following troubleshooting guides can be of help to you.
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The robot doesn't seem to understand my commands?

Not connected to the Internet

The robot needs to be connected to the Internet in order to understand and respond to complex human questions.
When you hear “Kebbi can’t…”, it is likely that there’s something wrong with the robot’s Wi-Fi connection.
Please check whether the hotspot or Wi-Fi router has been switched on and is operating properly, and ensure that the robot access the Internet.

The following conditions may be caused by network connection failure:
1. The robot does not understand questions about things like the weather, exchange rates, math, and so on.
2. Failure to play music
3. Broken image of the Nuwa store

🔔 Tips
When checking the network, make sure it’s connected to the Internet, rather than an internal network.
If you see the following icon, it means the current network is not connected to the Internet:

The robot doesn’t quite know what you mean

Robots have not settled on Earth for long enough, and are still learning the breadth and depth of human language.
When the robot doesn’t understand exactly what you mean or responds incorrectly, you can help it to understand or report the issue to Nuwa Customer Service .

There are several ways you can help the robot to better understand your language:

Method 1
【Nuwa Space – Skills Center】
You can download the “Nuwa Space” app to your mobile phone from Google Play or App Store
Open the app and log in to your account, click ‘Skills Center > Create Skill’ on the home screen.

Method 2
【Biztools – Trainkit】
This tool can be used for deeper conversation training with a robot.
👉 For detailed instructions and function descriptions, please refer to Trainkit.

Network and Connection

The Nuwa CodeLab App is not working

If the CodeLab isn’t working properly, try the following three steps to reconnect it:

1. Make sure your phone or tablet has installed the latest version of the Nuwa CodeLab app.
2. Check that the mobile phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the robot.
3. Open the ‘Dropdown Menu > Connect’ and use the QR Code for connection.

⚠ If the mobile phone or tablet used for running the “Nuwa CodeLab” app has set up a hotspot to share Wi-Fi with the robot, this may interfere with the connection to CodeLab.

Unable to connect the mobile phone or tablet to the robot

Under normal conditions, when the mobile phone and the robot are under the same Wi-Fi network, the mobile phone should be able to find the robot automatically.

Can’t find the robot?

Please check to ensure that:
1. The robot is powered on.
2. The mobile phone and the robot are under the same Wi-Fi network.
If everything is okay, click on the ‘Scan for devices’ button to find the robot.

Connect to Kebbi using a QR Code

If you have tried all of the above and still cannot find the robot, please do the following:
1. Tap the ‘Scan’ button on the screen to activate the camera.
2. Tap ‘Connect’ on the robot’s drop-down menu. The screen will display a QR Code for quick connection.
3. Scan the QR Code displayed onscreen with your mobile phone to complete the connection.

👉 If you are still unable to connect to the robot, please contact customer services for assistance.


Why isn’t the robot chassis moving?

Has the robot’s movement been locked?

Please check to see if there is a dark blue light on the chest of the robot.
If there is, it means that the robot is in movement lock mode.
You can also see if the robot is in a locked state by going to the Dropdown Menu > Movement.

🧐 What is Movement Lock Mode?

When the robot’s movement is locked, the robot’s chassis is locked so that it cannot move.
When this mode is enabled, a dark blue light will light up on the chest of the robot.

You can turn on/off movement lock mode by
👉going to the Dropdown Menu>Movement
👉or saying to the robot: “Turn on/off movement.”

Additionally, when the robot is connected to a power socket or charging pack, the system will automatically lock the robot’s movements. The robot chassis will be locked and stay still to keep the charging state stable. In this case, when the robot is removed from the power source, this mode will be automatically disabled.
⚠ In order to prevent the robot from pulling the power cable and causing damage to the charger, it is not recommended to manually disable movement lock mode during charging.

The robot suddenly stopped moving.

Something wrong with the motor

Check the robot’s screen to see if there are any alerts regarding the motor.
If so, please follow the on-screen instructions.

Anti-drop alert

Check the robot’s screen to see if there is an anti-drop alert.
If so, move the robot to a safe place and the issue should be resolved.

Action Locak/Action Lock Mode

Check to see if the the lights on the robot’s head and hands are dark blue.
If so, it means that the robot is in action lock mode.
You can also see if actions has been disabled from the Dropdown Menu > Actions.

🧐 What is Action Lock Mode?

Disabled action/action lock mode will lock the robot’s motors so that the limbs cannot move.
When this mode is enabled, the LED lights on the robot’s cheeks and hands will light up in dark blue.

You can disable/enable action lock mode by:
👉Going to the Dropdown menu> Actions
👉 Saying “Actions on/off.”

Why is an orange light flashing?

The robot will flash an orange light under the following conditions:

1. Off-ground alert.
When you lift the robot, it will sense that it is off the ground and flash an orange light. This is perfectly normal. Once you place the robot on a flat, spacious surface, the alert will automatically cease.

2. Low battery alert
When the battery level is lower than 15%, an orange light will appear on the robot’s chest. In such an event, please connect the robot to a power source.

Power Issues

Unable to startup the robot

No response when you press and hold the power button on the top of the robot’s head? Check to see if the battery is low.
When the robot is off, you can short press the robot’s power button, or plug it into the charger and check the battery level displayed on-screen.

When the battery is low, you can:
Use a dedicated charger to charge the robot. The charging indicator on the left side of the robot’s forehead should light up in green.

⚠ Please note that when the robot’s battery is too low, the charging indicator light may not appear until it is charged to a certain level.
👉 If you have already performed the above actions and still cannot turn on the robot, please do not hesitate to contact Nuwa customer services for assistance.

Unable to shut down the robot

Usually you only need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds
to bring up the power option window, then select ‘Shutdown’ to turn off the robot.

If you are unable to bring up the power option window due to a system failure, you can try to press and hold the power button on the top of the robot for more than 10 seconds to force it to shut down.

Power indicator light does not flash when the robot is being charged

>The robot’s charging indicator is located on the left side of its forehead.
Under normal conditions, when you connect the robot to the power source, the indicator light will start flashing.
If the light isn’t working properly, it may be because:

  1. It’s fully charged.
    When the robot is fully charged, the power indicator light will stop flashing.
  2. The plug is not plugged in properly.
    Please reconnect the robot to a power source and make sure it is plugged in securely.
  3. You are not using the original factory charger.
    Please use the original factory charger provided by NUWA. If it has been lost, please contact us.

How do I reduce the robot’s power consumption?

When the robot screen is on, the standby time can last for up to 7 or 8 hours.
To save power, long press the home button and select ‘Do Not Disturb’, or use the drop-down menu to turn off ‘Active Dialogue’, ‘Actions’ and other functions.

⚠ If the robot is not going to be used for a long time, please shut it down and store it in a dry environment. We recommend that you charge the battery at least once every three months to prevent it from over-discharging, which can cause permanent damage to the battery.

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