Video Call

Use the Nuwa Space app to make calls to family members and inject vitality into your conversations!

Would you like to enjoy some time with your children through the robot? Now you can control the motion of the robot and make fun facial expressions using your mobile phone, so that you and your family can enjoy quality time together with no restrictions on distance.

Before making a video call, we need to:
1. Download Nuwa Space from App Store or Google Play
2. Log in to the app and connect to your robot.
3. Add family members.

Okay! Now you can use this family account to call the robot!

Make a Call

There are three ways to make a call:

☝ Method 1: Call the robot with your mobile phone

1. Open the “Nuwa Space” app.
2. Tap ‘Video Call’ on the main screen of the app.
3. Start communicating!

✌Method 2: Ask the robot to call family members using voice commands.

1. Touch the robot’s belly, or say “Hello Kebbi,” to wake the robot up.
2. Say: “Put me on the phone,” or “Please Call [name of family member],”
📔 Tips: You need to add family members first so the robot knows who your family members are!

👌 Method 3: Use the Video Call app to call your family

1. Open the Video Call app on the robot.
2. Select the family member you wish to call.



It doesn’t matter if no-one is in front of the robot – the robot will answer incoming calls automatically after 15 seconds, so that you can use the Video Call feature to check on your house.

👉 If you need to disable this setting, please navigate to the robot’s Settings > Video to turn it off.

Video Call Screen

❶ Open the robot’s remote control screen.
❷ Open the ‘Manage Expressions’ screen.
❸ Hang up the call.
❹ Mute the microphone.
❺ Turn off the video camera.
❻ Switch front/rear camera.

Remote Robot Control

❶ Return to the video call screen.
❷ Drag to control the direction of the robot.
❸ Drag to control the viewing angle of the robot.

Manage Expressions

Choose the expression that you want the robot to make and the robot will present you with that expression!

Add / Delete Family Members

Edit / Delete Family Members

On the video call screen, tap the edit button in the upper-right corner of the member’s avatar to edit or delete the member.

Add Family Members

To add a member to the family group, you can tap the button in the upper right corner of the video call screen to add them directly.

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