Koding Land

Even pre-school children can learn computational thinking skills!

The Koding Land app should be used in conjunction with the teaching materials, special command cards, and floor mats with specific materials. If you are interested, please read the content of the teaching material below to understand how they work with Koding Land!

Download Koding Land

Take the following steps on the robot to get the Koding Land app:

1. Slide left to enter the Function menu.
2. Open the NUWA Store.
3. Slide down to the latest app.
4. Tap ‘Expand All’ in the upper right corner.
5. Find the Koding Land app and tap ‘Download’.

⚠ If you are unable to install or open the app, please make sure your robot system is updated to the latest version (go to: Settings/Update Manually to check if the robot is on the latest version).

NUWA Adventure Map - Archaeology | Go! Archaeological Expedition

If the video does not appear, please refresh/reload the page, or click the link below:

Exclusive to NUWA, the first of its kind in Taiwan!
Learn coding with board games!

’Koding Land – Adventure Map|Go! Archaeological Expedition’ is a coding map designed for children aged 5 to 8, and suitable for parents and children to play together. It combines complex coding concepts, picture cards and the fun of board games to form an interactive level-based game that teaches kids how to code in a fun and easy way! The adventure is about to begin – let’s set off on our coding journey!

👉 If you are interested of this product, please contact us.

Interstellar Taster

With its graphical operation interface and ever-changing maps, even pre-school children can learn coding through these stories and games!

“Interstellar Taster” is a beginner course that uses AI prompt cards designed for 4 to 6 year old children. Teaching materials include:

Teaching handbook: contains teaching samples, worksheets and presentations. Easy for teachers to embed in their curricula!
Functional prompt cards: 22 cards with AI image recognition. Learn coding with these prompt cards!
Floor mat set: 4×4 diverse combinations and situational items. Encourages students to learn coding through games!

If you are interested in Interstellar Taster, please contact our sales team at

Magic Dessert Island

Guided by teachers and utilizing teaching presentations and worksheets, this product enables children to quickly engage with various scenarios and learn how to code!

“Magic Dessert Island” is a camping experience course designed for children aged 4 to 6. It wraps difficult-to-grasp coding concepts into fun themes, and also introduces various robotics concepts, so that the kids can understand AI intelligence, content learning, the form and purpose of robots, and how they are programmed!

If you are interested in Magic Dessert Island, please contact our sales team at

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